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You Are A Work in Progress

stepping stones

You Are A Work In Progress

Do you see yourself as a work in progress or a finished product? As long as you are alive, you are working toward becoming your true self and reaching your full potential. Even if you feel stuck and don’t see much movement at the present time, don’t be discouraged! Sometimes we need to be still and quiet while something is unfolding and blossoming inside of us.

Our life’s journey is to find our purpose and accomplish the assignment we’ve been given. As early as childhood, we’ve had desires and dreams. Although we may not be aware of it, we all have gifts and talents. As life happens, we can lose touch with our true essence and what we were born to do. Challenges along the way are not meant to stop us. They are there to help us grow into our authentic self. As uncomfortable as it may be, we grow the most during the difficult times.

Change is inevitable. I have a sign in my office that says, “The only consistency in life is change.” When we resist change rather than embrace it and see it as part of life, we can get stuck repeating the same lesson over and over again. When water doesn’t flow, it becomes stagnant and a breeding ground for disease. That’s what happens in our bodies when we resist the flow of change. The expression “go with the flow” is very meaningful when we look at it in this context. For some people the thought of change is terrifying, so they try to control their environment to create safety. However, this is a false sense of security.

Unless we realize we don’t have the power to change anyone else, we spend our lives wasting our time and energy. Every person and situation is just a mirror showing us something about ourselves. The world around us provides the lessons of life that we need to learn in order to grow and reach our potential. We only react to things because a button is being pushed in us. Our reactions show us where we have work to do. If we don’t get the message and transform that part of ourselves, we keep attracting the same lesson.

It’s really very simple, but not always easy to do. Be present, express yourself truthfully and let go of the outcome. Life is so much more rewarding when we stop trying to control other people and make things happen our way. It’s not our business to interfere in someone else’s process or journey. We are each here for a reason and a purpose. Our life’s work is to discover what that is…. and then do it!

Even though you may not be where you want to be, you must love and accept yourself exactly where you are. We grow with love, not criticism. Being hard on yourself just keeps you where you don’t want to be. This is not to say you shouldn’t look at yourself and change what isn’t working. But love and encouragement make the process much easier.

Don’t sit back waiting passively for changes to occur. You must be an active participant in your life. These suggestions may help.

1. Focus on positive, uplifting thoughts. What you think will determine how you feel and also the direction of your life. See yourself having the life you desire.
2. Take some risks and move out of your comfort zone. Your goals and dreams are outside of what’s comfortable and familiar.
3. Be grateful for all you are and all you have. This is necessary in order to move fully into the life you were born to live.
4. Make loving and accepting yourself a priority. That’s the only way you will be able to give love to others and to find true happiness.

The joy is in the journey, not reaching the destination. You must be able to be in the moment, to accept what is, and to be happy right where you are. This might seem like a tall order, but it’s worth the challenge. No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to find your authentic self. You are always a work in progress and not yet at the finish line.

To be continued… Look for more on how to love yourself in the next Stepping Stones.