Couples Therapy

young_coupleThe goal of couples therapy is to help create lasting, loving intimate relationships. By the time couples make their way to therapy, they are often feeling frustrated, angry, helpless and hurt. Maintaining healthy relationships can be challenging. Real love is about giving, yet many people are focused on trying to get their needs met and have lost sight of giving to their partner. Couples are often stuck in a power struggle, repeating the same conflict over and over, and are unable to break the pattern. In couples therapy, you have the opportunity to discover the deeper causes of conflict that you may not be aware of. You will be given tools designed to promote conflict resolution, renew your sense of commitment, and deepen your capacity for healthy intimacy. Although there are issues that are common to many relationships, each couple is unique and will a receive personalized therapy plan that meets their particular needs. When it comes to relationships, two halves do not make a whole! Healthy relationships are formed by two healthy individuals. Therefore, whether the modality is individual or couples therapy, the focus is on strengthening each individual in order create the foundation that will support the couple and allow it to thrive.