WORKSHOPS are an opportunity to explore more deeply the issues that are preventing you from living your best life. In addition to providing information that will increase your knowledge, you will also be given the opportunity to practice what you are learning through various exercises. Intellectual understanding is not enough. While this level of awareness is the first step, we need to experience something differently in order to grow and change long held behavior patterns.

Although these workshops do not need to be taken in a specific sequence, in order to experience the full spectrum of healing yourself and your relationship, they should be taken at some point on your journey.  In my training as a Gestalt therapist, I learned that  “all roads lead to Rome!”  In other words, wherever you begin is the right starting point for you.  Just trust that you will end up where you are meant to be!

Healing the Inner Child will help you find your authentic self as you discover how you learned to suppress your feelings and needs as a child.  Most of us have been living as our false self, the part we created in order to adapt to our childhood environment.

Breaking Codependency will help you identify further how you became your false, codependent self.  You will also learn how you were conditioned to be overly focused on the needs of others and to believe that  taking care of yourself is selfish.  Sacrificing yourself for someone else doesn’t serve either of you!  Unless you have a healthy relationship with yourself, you cannot have healthy relationships with anyone else.  This is particularly true in your intimate relationship.

The Art of Intimacy workshop will show you how you may be repeating childhood patterns in adult relationships.  We will also explore in depth the concept of masculine and feminine energy and how it creates power struggles in relationships, particularly intimate ones.  If both partners are fighting for power and control, intimacy is not possible.

The Intentionally Intimate relationship takes the Art of Intimacy to a deeper level.  You will learn about what a healthy relationship looks like and what is necessary to achieve lasting love.  In this workshop we will discuss sexual intimacy, a topic that is often a source of conflict in relationships.  Sex is the vehicle for creating deep intimacy.  When you set your “intention” to make intimacy a priority, you are on your way to creating an extraordinary relationship!

Manifesting Abundance will give you the tools for creating the life you desire.  We always create based on what we are focusing on.  If you are thinking and talking about how awful your life is, you cannot attract anything positive!  This workshop will help you identify where you may be stuck and teach you how to move forward into a life of abundance!

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