Jackie Major has a full time private practice where she provides individual, couple and interactive group therapy. She also leads workshops on many popular topics including Manifesting Abundance, Breaking Codependency and The Art of Intimacy. All of her sessions, groups and workshops are designed to help you see yourself clearly, take responsibility for the life you have created to this point, and make the changes necessary in order to move forward. Blaming others will not get you where you want to go! It is up to you to change, and Jackie is here to help you do that.
Jackie firmly believes that there are steps to creating the abundant life we desire. Many people do not see the need for “looking back” into their past. However, if we don’t heal the past we keep recreating it in the present. Therefore, Jackie’s approach to therapy includes: healing the inner child, breaking codependency, creating healthy intimacy, and developing a sense of spirituality. While each person will have different individual needs, a whole person approach to healing will be the focus.